How regional flexspace is set to be a winner of the post-pandemic era


From Barclays to Facebook, companies are looking to decentralise their office space as COVID-19 continues to affect workers’ ability to travel and congregate, and expensive central London rents for almost deserted offices look like an increasingly unaffordable luxury. And with 56% of people now wanting to work remotely on a permanent or part-time basis according to research from Hana, many …

The Dos and Don’ts of Remote Working


The current situation with the COVID-19 epidemic has meant that a lot of people have had to rapidly adapt to remote working. For those that are new to the idea of working from home it can sound appealing –  no commute, more time to concentrate and no air conditioning battles with colleagues. However there is an art to remote working. …

Innovation is key in the COVID-19 era


It’s easy to just stop everything right now – selling, developing, planning ahead and investing in our companies. Conferences, client events and sales meetings have been cancelled; the kids are home from school and need attention and we all have a depleted workforce.  The temptation is to shut the door against the world, try to work out the GCSE maths …

10 Secondary Flex Space Markets To Watch


Flex space – markets to watch Ever since the coworking concept took off in the mid noughties, the UK’s flexible workspace market has been growing rapidly. Nowadays, it feels like you can’t turn a corner in any large city without running into design-led coworking space or professional serviced office. That’s long been the case in London, which retains its number …

niche coworking

Why is niche coworking proving so popular?


“The nature of work is changing,” explained PropTech specialist Antony Slumbers at GCUC 2019, and CRE is following suit. To thrive in a competitive market, he believes workspaces must go the extra mile and catalyse human skills like innovation and critical thinking. One way to do this is by niche-ifying. What is a niche coworking space? A niche coworking space …

workspace loneliness

Coworking – Wellness and how to combat workspace loneliness


Coworking – Workspace loneliness is a problem While choosing your own hours and holidays has a number of upsides, there’s no denying that working alone can get lonely and workspace loneliness is an important issue. A Monday morning debrief with a colleague while the kettle boils can be a serious mood booster. Many self employed people are now choosing coworking …


Coworking – Ten top tips to help your workspace clients be more productive


Encouraging productivity in your workspace will help you retain clients and attract new ones, but productivity comes down to more than just a few motivational quotes! Create a productive, positive and happy atmosphere with these workspace tips and tricks. Ensure there’s a good connection A good connection is paramount when it comes to improving productivity. Research by Cluttons shows that …

Flexible workspace – Why getting the right IT infrastructure is king


At technologywithin we’re frequently asked for our views about IT infrastructure and cutting edge technology for flexible workspace. The Internet of Things has transformed the way technology is delivered, from door entry, to controllable lights and heating, power monitoring, security and CCTV and even ordering your coffee over the internet. It’s now easier than ever to realise imaginative ideas to …