The ultimate work from anywhere voice solution
The leading flexible voice solution, twiinvoice offers handset and call packages to suit every size of workspace

Great voice solutions for multi-tenanted office space

technologywithin have been providing voice services to businesses for over a decade and we know what’s important to your clients – never missing a call.
Our simple solution allows twiinvoice is the perfect voice service for the new hybrid working environment. Your clients can easily direct business calls to wherever they are, forward them to a colleague when you’re busy, or download our twiinvoice app to answer calls to their business number from their mobile, wherever they are.

Real benefits for you and your customers

Tailored Billing

You set end client pricing and we'll create individual billing.


Professional level voice services with great functionality

Revenue generation

Pricing that creates margin opportunities for you

We deal with any support needs

Leaving your staff to focus on your clients

Flexible approach

Choose the handset and call packages that best suit you

Don’t pay for what you’re not using

Only pay for services when they are needed, say goodbye to handsets gathering dust on a desk and costing you money

twiinvoice – a closer look

twiinvoice is a VOIP solution designed for flexible workspaces. It offers a range of services including hunt groups, call recording, virtual numbers, individual client billing and customised call packages. Also available is the dedicated twiinvoice softphone app allowing users to make and take calls on their office number anywhere.

twiinvoice features


Voicemail (delivered to handset and to email) with configurable greeting message
Outbound CLI selection
Automatic provisioning of commonly used handsets
Option to block anonymous calls
Forwarding options: forward all calls, forward on cancel, forward on no answer, forward on not registered. Option on forwarding to also ring handset and optionally whether hunt group forwarded calls are captured
Call recording options at additional cost (see below)

Hunt Groups

Create rules allowing multiple handsets to be called for different time durations including external numbers and create multiple time intervals and use flexibly with sets of call rules within each time interval
Separate voicemail (or forward calls to an existing extension voicemail)
Incredibly flexible CLI configuration for both internal and externally forwarded calls

Call Recording

Calls recorded to cloud provided storage
Ability to stop and start recording during a call
Easy search for recordings as part of the call log history and download of recordings to local device
Ability to delete recordings older than a certain date or on demand


Can be provided with any geographical or non-geo code and numbers can be ported in from other providers
Number blocks can be purchased upfront for customers and allocated to customers as required
Premium numbers can be purchased at additional cost
Customer management of own DDI’s once purchased

SIP Trunks

We can supply SIP trunks to connect into an existing customer PBX with resilient outbound routing

Tariffs/billing etc

We provide a wholesale tariff to our customer (the centre owner) and they are free to choose their mark-up tariff and any packages they want to offer. We will calculate the end-user billing and send this on monthly to our customer to allow them to issue bills. Inclusive call package options per extension or per client if required

Softphone app (additional cost)

Allows customer to make and take calls on their office number anywhere with easy setup/provisioning with QR code scanning
Twins with existing extension allowing both handset and softphone to co-exist (both ring simultaneously)
Apps available for both Android and Apple smartphones

Manual provisioning

Compatible with standard SIP compatible handsets and can use most SIP compatible softphone applications on PC’s and Macs


Cloud architecture allowing rapid redeployment of entire infrastructure and use of multiple carrier trunks for resilience
"Forward on not registered" feature for local disaster recovery (e.g. power cut or loss of connectivity at site)

Reception Switchboard

Switchboard "VOP" application available to allow reception to answer calls for customers

Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers available.

Easy to use web portal

Take control of your workspace’s voice service

twiinvoice app

twiinvoice is the ultimate work from anywhere voice app. Whether you are working from the office, home or out on the road, the twiinvoice app from technologywithin, means that you’ll never miss a business call.
It twi(i)ns your mobile with your desk phone, allowing you to make and answer calls using your business number with ease. So, you’ll only ever need to give contacts one phone number, because they’ll always be able to reach you.

Download the twiinvoice app from App Store and Google Play.


The flexspace voice experts

We specialise in managing communications services in multi-tenanted workspaces. We currently look after over 15,000 phone extensions and carry over 1 million minutes of calls on our platform every month. Our voice services are managed and monitored 24/7 to ensure reliability and a high-quality service. We also have a friendly technologywithin support team, who are there to support you through email, chat and phone – whatever suits you best.

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