Our environmental social and governance approach

Living our brand values as a responsible organisation


Awareness of our impact on the environment is core to how we do business. More of our clients are rightly asking what action we’re taking and we’re glad to share our unfolding story.
We are proud of the progress that we are making, from installing solar panels at our head office, to disposing of obsolete client site communications equipment responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way.
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Our business is all about making working life easier for people and that goes hand in hand with thinking about our social impact; whether that’s our people, our clients, or our community. This is an area where we are continuously tweaking our policies to ensure that the way we do business is fair and lives up to our brand values.
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As an IT company, strong governance policies are at the heart of our everyday business and are built in to our client contracts and Service Level Agreements, so that they know that we mean what we say.
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