The network management solution designed for flexible workspace
A best of breed managed data bandwidth and WiFi service for shared workspace
In today’s interconnected and digital-first world, no business or professional would ever consider going somewhere to work without having access to a strong, stable internet connection. When equipped with the newest and most comprehensive technology on the market, today’s commercial office environments can compete to provide their clients with flexible, dependable and easy-to-use workspace solutions. technologywithin provides the tools and services that allow flexspace operators and CRE landlords to level up their businesses through connectivity.

The benefits for your workspace


Allows corporate clients to deploy their own IT security within the workspace in a very simple and easy to use manner.


Can be increased by the addition of a second twiindata box in your comms room and a backup line if required.

Opex or capex payment options

A unique completely flexible pricing model – buy or rent, or a combination of the two – to suit your business.

Cloud or hardware solutions

Choose what suits you better. twiindata integrates with existing hardware and assets with our flexible approach.

twiindata features

Hardware agnostic so compatible with many major switch and WiFi manufacturers
Allocation of public addresses
Configuration of port forwarding
NAT or passthru networks configurable at individual customer level (allowing customers to have “plug and play” setup or to have public facing connections to connect their own equipment)
Control of bandwidth contention levels, including dedicated bandwidth
Full switch port configuration and management (including port grouping)
Monitoring and reporting of both historical and live usage traffic
Remote monitoring of external line quality
Support for multiple cabling models – agnostic to network topology
Advanced troubleshooting tools for administrators (live connections, find MAC, wireshark, ARP and DHCP tables etc)
Configurable guest WiFi experience including customer branded splash pages
Secure WiFi for internal customers allowing access to own network and bandwidth building-wide (requires compatible wireless access point infrastructure)
Multiple levels of user access
Control panel for customers to allow WiFi password management and bandwidth
Configurable DHCP options and static ARP at client level
Monitoring of on-site equipment and external line status with configurable e-mail and SMS alerts
Support for multiple external connections
Support for resilient switch connections

twiindata – a closer look

twiindata is an advanced network infrastructure controller including firewall, IP router, switch management, WiFi management and bandwidth control tool designed and supported in-house by technologywithin to give controllable levels of internet access (handling speeds of up to 10GB) to multiple clients in a building whilst securely segregating their data from one another.
twiindata has a centralised cloud-based user interface, designed to allow non-technical site managers to perform complex network configuration with ease and confidence.

A global solution

twiindata is the most flexible bandwidth management solution for multi-tenanted workspace on the market. twiindata is available in English, French, Spanish, German and many more languages. Rest assured that wherever you are based, twiindata can work for you.


With the ‘walled garden’ approach to integrations increasingly prevalent in the technology world, twiindata is refreshingly different. Because it’s been developed in house it gives twiindata an added flexibility.
That’s why it’s unique in the market in that it can integrate with other platforms and hardware, offering a range of options to operators who may want to add twiindata to their portfolio but incorporate it with their existing workspace management software.

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