FlexSA Conference 2021

Five things we learnt at the FlexSA Conference 2021


After two years, a global pandemic and numerous lockdowns, we were finally able to attend the Flexible Space Association Conference (FlexSA) and it was great to be back. Held at etc. venues County Hall for the first time, we certainly had some great river views to enjoy. However we couldn’t stand around admiring them for too long as we were …

1 Mill Street and technologywithin – a creative collaboration


Opening a new business over the course of the last year has been a challenging task with the difficult business environment meaning many companies have put expansion and growth plans on hold. However, there are examples of businesses that have opened and thrived in this unusual environment. One such example is the collaborative workspace at 1 Mill Street in Leamington …

eBook launch event


Planning a live client event to launch our new eBook, “Flexing your assets: Converting Retail to Flexible Workspace” seemed something of a risk when we booked it back in May. But, with a couple of days to spare after Freedom Day we were delighted to welcome contributors and clients to a proper face to face celebration on July 21st. Managing …

Oxford House and technologywithin – A developing partnership


One of the fascinating things about flexible workspace is the way that it can take buildings that have previously been used for a specific purpose and turn them into something that gives them a whole new lease of life. At technologywithin we work with a range of operators based in a wide variety of buildings that have been transformed into …

How Landlords can futureproof their buildings and improve their marketability


Introduction We recently hosted a webinar to examine how landlords can futureproof their buildings and improve their marketability.  This followed up our very well received Greyspace webinar in March, which started a conversation about how excess corporate portfolio can be successfully repurposed as flexible workspace.  Richard Morris, our Sales & Marketing Director, was joined by our new Business Development Director …

The Hill Hub and technologywithin – an arresting combination


For a lot of people, a visit to a police station would be a nerve-wracking experience. However, visitors to the former police station in Dartford have no such worries. The space that once housed brave police officers, protecting the people of Dartford, now hosts fearless entrepreneurs who use the space to develop, exchange ideas, and enrich the lives of their …


neospace® and technologywithin – A future focused partnership


Originating in Aberdeen City, the newly opened neospace offers an innovative work, rest and play concept which perfectly meets the needs of today’s work force. It combines high-end creative working environments with meeting spaces, breakout areas, lounges, barista bar, juice bar/cafe and leisure facilities. As a brand new operator, neospace boasts 78 high spec offices, ranging from 2 to 45 …


Is Greyspace a Flexible Workspace Opportunity?


Our Sales & Marketing Director, Richard Morris,  hosted a webinar exploring Greyspace and the Flexible Workspace opportunity last week, with flexible workspace experts Emma Swinnerton, Cushman & Wakefield, Zoe Ellis-More, Spaces to Places and Andrew Butler, Inc Spaces. Our panellists offered some really in-depth market insight and practical advice for landlords and operators rethinking their offerings, so we’ve pulled out …

A guide to leased lines for flexible workspace


As a flexible workspace operator or landlord you’ll be familiar with the importance of a strong, reliable internet connection. Any users of your space will expect to be able to get online quickly and simply and for any issues they have with the connection to be resolved easily. However, if you have a number of users on your current broadband …

Shared Vs Dedicated Internet

Shared Vs. Dedicated internet: 5 things every flexspace operator needs to know


What is the difference between shared Vs dedicated internet? And which is best for your flexspace? Here we explain everything that you need to know about offering shared Vs dedicated internet bandwidth services to your clients in our jargon-free style. Shared and dedicated internet explained Shared bandwidth is often offered within a flexspace contract to make it easy for companies …