5 things we learnt at GCUC UK


The GCUC ‘unconference conference’ on 28th September brought together a range of key operators, suppliers and stakeholders in the UK flexible workspace sector for a day of discussions and knowledge sharing. Here’s our key takeaways from the day.     The outlook is positive despite challenges Instant Group’s duo of John Williams and James Rankin started the day by providing …

Six Things We Learnt at The Bisnow “Office Politics: What Occupiers Want” Event


September 22nd, Convene, 22 Bishopsgate Last week’s Bisnow event, “Office Politics: What Occupiers Want” offered the audience some insightful panel debates on the priorities and needs of tenants from architects, developers, landlords and technical partners in the CRE sector. Working from home; Homing from work According to Richard Harrison of Gensler, now that occupiers are accustomed to working from home, …

WiFi in flex space

WiFi in flex space: Staying ahead in the security race


WiFi in flex space – With multiple users of your network, you – as the operator or landlord – along with your users will be conscious about the security of your systems – and rightly so! Internet provision lies with the operators of the flexible workspace, consequently if there are GDPR breaches, security hacks and financial impact, the responsibility lies …

Workspace Management Software

Key features to look for when choosing your workspace management software


Workspace management software, sounds impressive doesn’t it? However, what actually is it and why would your workspace need it? Currently your space may be ticking over nicely – using the good old reliable spreadsheet or word document – so why would you want to disrupt that and install some new swanky software? What benefits could it bring and what should …

How flexible workspace can be more inclusive


With businesses post-pandemic placing more importance than ever on offering flexible and hybrid working opportunities for their employees, the use of new innovative technology is at the forefront of the growing flexispace industry. Whether it’s embracing ergonomic design or creating fun and inspired environments for employees to enjoy and work within; more and more outdated traditions of ‘the office’ are …


Word from: Jon Seal – From apprentice to Managing Director


Apprenticeships are making the news recently- Euan Blair’s billion-pound start -up Multiverse may have something to do with that. The ever-increasing cost of a degree and the realisation that many simply do not ‘pay for themselves’ means that many students and parents alike are now looking to what was once considered the second option- apprenticeships. As part of our ‘Word …


Key things we learnt at the Technology Driving Profitable Real Estate event


Our team were delighted to recently attend and sponsor the Bisnow ‘Technology Driving Profitable Real Estate’ event. Held in the impressive looking Kensington Building, guests gathered to hear from four different panel discussions, covering a range of  PropTech subjects. What followed was lots of interesting and informative discussions. Here’s a few of our key takeaways from the event. Tech aids …

Alex Podeanu

Meet the team: Alex


People are at the heart of everything we do at technologywithin. That’s why we’re always keen to showcase some of the awesome people who make up our team. We spoke to Alex Podeanu, a Digital Product Designer at technologywithin. 1. Thanks Alex for taking some time out of your day to chat with us. ‘Product’ is integral to all we …