niche coworking

Why is niche coworking proving so popular?


“The nature of work is changing,” explained PropTech specialist Antony Slumbers at GCUC 2019, and CRE is following suit. To thrive in a competitive market, he believes workspaces must go the extra mile and catalyse human skills like innovation and critical thinking. One way to do this is by niche-ifying. What is a niche coworking space? A niche coworking space …

coworking UK and overseas

Coworking – What can the UK learn from overseas markets?


The coworking market has boomed over the last few years, in both the UK and overseas. It looks set to continue expanding as more and more people turn to remote working and freelancing over traditional 9-5 roles. While London one of the leaders when it comes to coworking, with one of the highest growth markets of flexible offices in the …