GCUC UK 2023

Five things we learnt at GCUC UK 2023


GCUCUK, held at Convene 22 Bishopsgate on November 2nd, was as ever a positive, noisy gathering of the coworking sector. The overall message was that we all need to be loud and proud about our sector to keep the groundswell of flex moving. To prove the model to landlords and property investors. But, here are our five key takeaways Diverse …

Women in Flex October 2023.

Women in Flex: Five Things We Learnt


Aimed at women working at operational level in Flexible Space Association operator members, the Women in Flex series of events, conceived and developed in partnership with technologywithin, are unlike any other panel discussion events because the subject matter is personal. Successful women in the sector share their career stories to inspire others and create an open conversation about how the …

Bisnow Real Estate Outlook

Five things we learnt at Bisnow’s Real Estate Outlook


The Bisnow UK Real Estate Outlook event, on October 12th, at London’s Royal Institute of Great Britain provided an in depth look at the financial, economic and political factors which are affecting investment in the UK real estate market. The overall tone was not a positive one, but the panellists all pointed to areas of positivity and had thoughts to …

Is AI going to take my job? London Coworking Assembly breakfast event.

Is AI going to take my job?


A London Coworking Assembly Breakfast debate However you feel about artificial intelligence (AI) the one question that everyone wants to know the answer to is, “Is AI going to take my job?” For those in the world of coworking this is an especially relevant topic, as they try to create dynamic working environments which will meet the changing needs of …

Key takeaways from the FlexSA Women in Flex online event


For the 3rd event in the FlexSA Women in Flex series, developed in Partnership with technologywithin, we decided to run a webinar to give a broader audience of women working in the sector the chance to get involved and be inspired by the stories of other women. If you didn’t have the chance to tune in you can listen back …

Women in property: lessons from the flex sector


The flexible workspace sector attracts proportionally more female staff than other real estate sectors, which is reflected in the number of women in senior roles. Undoubtedly, there is still more work to be done in delivering gender diversity among flex office staff, but the broader property industry can learn some valuable lessons from the sector. Flexspace as a growth industry …

Tech roundup blog #2


Welcome to the second technologywithin tech roundup blog. We hope you’re enjoying these semi-regular collections of interesting and thought-provoking articles. If you’d like to get in touch with us about any of the subjects or to have a chat about tech with one of our experts, contact us here. AI Solutions won’t solve workplace well-being woes While AI-based solutions are …

Why wireless connectivity isn’t king in flex space


There is a big focus on WiFi connectivity in office buildings, but wireless isn’t necessarily king in flexible workspaces. There is a huge convenience to working on laptops in different parts of the office and having continual connectivity without having to plug in a cable, but the reality is that the world of work isn’t fully wireless yet. Before dismissing …

Tech roundup blog #1


Welcome to the first technologywithin tech roundup blog. Here we’ll gather together some interesting and insightful articles from the world of tech. If you’d like to get in touch with us about any of the subjects or to have a chat about tech with one of our experts, contact us here. Using IoT tech is crucial for office planning and …

technology strategy

Creating a future proof technology strategy


It’s now been eight years since we were promised hover boards, power lacing trainers and the release of Jaws 19. This is of course according to the timelines from Back to the Future and while we could debate the many topics around time travel and Marty McFly we’ll instead use this blog to talk about looking to the future when …