Our ethos is to be easy
to do business with

Our clients don't just choose us for our leading edge technology. We deliver a service that's friendly, authentic and personal. We're their trusted technical advisers who listen, ask questions and communicate our knowledge clearly.
To deliver easy to use technology that enhances the workplace experience every day for our customers and their clients.  

About us

Our focus is on putting humans before machines –technology is the facilitator to make people’s working lives better, not the reason that we’re in business. Our team creates genuine partnerships with every customer and this is what sets us apart in our industry. Our customers feel supported and able to deliver the best experience to their clients - we always say that our people are our brand because its true.

What we do

The technologywithin team have been partnering with flexible workspace and coworking providers for over 20 years to deliver reliable, resilient and secure internet and WiFi solutions, managing everything from fibre delivery to WiFi sign in pages. Our core portfolio is designed and developed inhouse and our services our installed by our own experienced engineering team, across Europe.
  • Jane Erasmus

    Jane Erasmus

    UBC UK
    “It’s great to know that technologywithin share the same values that we do. Their friendly, people first approach syncs with ours and really helps our clients to grow their businesses.”
  • Alex Brewer

    Alex Brewer

    Unit Management
    “technologywithin deliver the connectivity to our spaces. They work in partnership with us by not only providing the IT and voice infrastructure, but also the support and customer service that backs it up. Knowing that they share our ethos of delivering great customer service is key for us and we trust them to ensure that our clients are kept connected and happy.”
  • Katie Whell

    Katie Whell

    Pure Offices
    “The great thing about working with technologywithin and their twiindata platform is that it enables our centres to have their clients connected in seconds. twiindata empowers our colleagues to manage their buildings effectively with the reassurance that they are backed up by the friendly support team at technologywithin.”
  • Connor Wilson

    Connor Wilson

    1 Mill Street
    “We decided to partner with technologywithin as not only were their services a perfect match for the workspace’s needs, their team were also so easy to work with and really understood what our clients expect from their experience using our space”
  • Jodie Lynch

    Jodie Lynch

    The Hill Hub
    “When it came to technology, we wanted to ensure that our chosen provider was able to build the same type of strong partnership with us that we aim to build with our clients. That’s why we chose technologywithin. They understood the importance of connectivity to our clients and how it’s a driver for growth”
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Our team


Jon Seal

Managing Director
– Future of the company –
Growth and expansion are tied closely to business change and technology innovation. We align the two to deliver efficient, competitive, long-term results.

Adam Case

Technical Director
Our vision is to continually evolve and deliver innovative and effective solutions which bring business growth for our customers.

Samuel Warren

UK & Europe Sales & Marketing Director
Technology is the facilitator to make people’s working lives better. Our team creates a genuine partnership with every customer.

Aron Hopkins

Business Systems Director
We're passionate about being an ethical employer, delivering secure network solutions and minimising our environment impact.

Laurie Dennard

Strategic Marketing Consultant
Our brand is more than a logo. It truly reflects our values as a company and guides everything we do.

Martin Whitaker

Development Director
– Developing in-house –
Our products are developed entirely in-house, making us a tech company with a people-centric approach.

Alpa Conjamalay

Commercial Finance Director


We aim to expand our brand strategically into new markets and sectors to serve our customers and deliver long term profitability.

Our environmental, social and governance approach

Living our values as a responsible organisation


Find out more


Find out more


Our goal is to be a great employer – a company that you can feel proud to work for, a place where you feel that you fit in and with an ethos that you can share.

Interested in joining an award winning team? Send your CV to careers@technologywithin.com

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