Less People, More Room: How Will the New Office Space Look?


The face of office space is changing – but not beyond recognition. Although new design measures are being implemented to keep occupiers safe during COVID-19, they aren’t necessarily at the expense of aesthetics and functionality. In order to physically distance effectively, some employers are adopting the distributed office approach. Instead of a centralised hub, they are opting for a collection …

Get ready for Christmas


Don’t forget to set your Christmas diverts With Christmas fast approaching we wanted to let you know that if you require any help making configuration changes for your phones over the Christmas period, please let us know by the close of business on Monday 14th December. This will then allow us time to allocate engineers to help put any changes in place …

Free internet for commercial buildings is always the bigger risk


  Who doesn’t like a freebie, from the packet of Haribo sweets included in my Wiggle order, to free Wi-Fi at the coffee shop? An experiment In Dan Ariely’s book, “Predictably Irrational,” illustrates this brilliantly.  Participants were asked to decide between spending 26 cents on a luxury Lindt chocolate truffle or spending one cent on a lower-quality Hershey’s chocolate kiss.  Those running the …

Lease to Space-as-a-Service – How Easy is the Transition for Traditional Landlords?


Over the past decade, the commercial real estate industry has undergone a huge paradigm shift, with space-as-a-service (SPaaS) taking centre stage. Landlords who’ve made the transition have become ‘service providers’, as opposed to traditional ‘rent collectors’. Coworking is just one example of SPaaS. Coliving is another. Landlords, who are increasingly partnering with flexible workspace operators to deliver solutions, provide occupiers …

Landlords webinar

6 things we learnt at the “How landlords can maximise the marketability of their vacant city-based portfolio in 2020” webinar


We were delighted to host an informative, practical and enjoyable panel on October 22nd looking at the challenges that Landlords are facing in the current climate. Our Sales & Marketing Director, Richard Morris was joined by three experienced and knowledgeable panellists from different areas of the sector. Will Kinnear Director of HEWN, Rory Young from the WiredScore National Markets team …

How regional flexspace is set to be a winner of the post-pandemic era


From Barclays to Facebook, companies are looking to decentralise their office space as COVID-19 continues to affect workers’ ability to travel and congregate, and expensive central London rents for almost deserted offices look like an increasingly unaffordable luxury. And with 56% of people now wanting to work remotely on a permanent or part-time basis according to research from Hana, many …

Workspace Management Software

Key features to look for when choosing your workspace management software


Workspace management software, sounds impressive doesn’t it? However, what actually is it and why would your workspace need it? Currently your space may be ticking over nicely – using the good old reliable spreadsheet or word document – so why would you want to disrupt that and install some new swanky software? What benefits could it bring and what should …

Why technology is crucial in the post-COVID office


Government guidelines on social distancing have radically changed the role of technology in our lives, with everything from our workday meetings to our weekly pub quizzes moving online. But for many of us, the impact on our working lives has been the most significant, with a prolonged period of remote working seeing internet consumption rise by 67% and the use …

UK Proptech

The UK may be leading the way for PropTech but the CRE industry is yet to catch up


The latest report from the Oxford Future of Real Estate Initiative showing that the UK is leading proptech investment into Europe was certainly encouraging news. With the report predicting that tech behemoths such as Amazon and Apple will build their own proptech services, it’s hardly surprising that investors see the meeting of property and technology as an increasingly attractive opportunity. …