Always have backup – the benefits of a backup internet connection


As anyone who’s a regular technology user will know, it’s important to have backup. You may have experienced that feeling of dread when something hasn’t backed up. Whether it’s that crucial word document that you’ve been working on for hours and accidentally didn’t save recent changes to or that treasured family photo that never got saved to the cloud when …

How Landlords can futureproof their buildings and improve their marketability


Introduction We recently hosted a webinar to examine how landlords can futureproof their buildings and improve their marketability.  This followed up our very well received Greyspace webinar in March, which started a conversation about how excess corporate portfolio can be successfully repurposed as flexible workspace.  Richard Morris, our Sales & Marketing Director, was joined by our new Business Development Director …

The Hill Hub and technologywithin – an arresting combination


For a lot of people, a visit to a police station would be a nerve-wracking experience. However, visitors to the former police station in Dartford have no such worries. The space that once housed brave police officers, protecting the people of Dartford, now hosts fearless entrepreneurs who use the space to develop, exchange ideas, and enrich the lives of their …


Is Greyspace a Flexible Workspace Opportunity?


Our Sales & Marketing Director, Richard Morris,  hosted a webinar exploring Greyspace and the Flexible Workspace opportunity last week, with flexible workspace experts Emma Swinnerton, Cushman & Wakefield, Zoe Ellis-More, Spaces to Places and Andrew Butler, Inc Spaces. Our panellists offered some really in-depth market insight and practical advice for landlords and operators rethinking their offerings, so we’ve pulled out …

Less People, More Room: How Will the New Office Space Look?


The face of office space is changing – but not beyond recognition. Although new design measures are being implemented to keep occupiers safe during COVID-19, they aren’t necessarily at the expense of aesthetics and functionality. In order to physically distance effectively, some employers are adopting the distributed office approach. Instead of a centralised hub, they are opting for a collection …

The value of technology in the Build to Rent space


With the pandemic leading to falling rents across rental properties and radically changing preferences in home requirements among remote workers, more operators and investors in Build to Rent (BTR) sector are understandably looking to adapt their offering for the post-COVID era. As a result, many are turning to technology, recognising the necessity of more robust connectivity, simpler property management and …