Always have backup – the benefits of a backup internet connection


As anyone who’s a regular technology user will know, it’s important to have backup. You may have experienced that feeling of dread when something hasn’t backed up. Whether it’s that crucial word document that you’ve been working on for hours and accidentally didn’t save recent changes to or that treasured family photo that never got saved to the cloud when you lost your phone, having the reassurance of a backup is crucial.

The same is true when it comes to internet connectivity and this is heightened even more so in shared workspace. The fear of all flexible workspace operators is having a client tell them those dreaded words ‘The internet is down’. This is inevitably followed by a hurried phone call to their provider to get them back online. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. This is where back up fibre internet connections are becoming an essential part of any operator’s offering.

So, with that in mind we’ve put together a few of the benefits of having a backup connection.


By having a second line in place you can offer an almost bullet proof level of internet reliability. This is vitally important to businesses such as financial services, that rely on a fast, reliable connection. The backup line instills that confidence that even if there is a problem with the main line, the users won’t notice it as the second line will kick into action seamlessly.

A marketing tool

This ties in with the previous benefit in that the backup line provides reassurance and confidence in your internet connectivity. Operators can use this as a key part of their marketing messaging and look to target larger businesses who need that corporate level connectivity. The idea of 24/7 uninterrupted connectivity is a great selling point.

Equipment failure

We’ve talked about how, if there’s issues with your main line, the backup can come to the rescue. This is also true if you suffer any equipment failure. A faulty router or cable could bring a host of problems if you’re relying on the one connection. By having backup, you can ensure that if a metal box breaks or a cable frays, you can sort the problem while your clients will be blissfully unaware.


Internet security is an increasingly important factor for any modern business. The data sent and received over your connection is sensitive and you want to be sure that nothing gets lost. Your clients will feel the same. That’s why the backup line can significantly reduce this issue and enable both you and your clients to be confident that their data won’t get compromised.

In conclusion

The best way to think of a backup fibre line is the same way you think of insurance, it’s there ‘just in case’. It gives you tremendous peace of mind, instills confidence and is a great marketing tool to attract larger companies to your space.

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