Tech roundup blog #2


Welcome to the second technologywithin tech roundup blog. We hope you’re enjoying these semi-regular collections of interesting and thought-provoking articles. If you’d like to get in touch with us about any of the subjects or to have a chat about tech with one of our experts, contact us here. AI Solutions won’t solve workplace well-being woes While AI-based solutions are …

Why wireless connectivity isn’t king in flex space


There is a big focus on WiFi connectivity in office buildings, but wireless isn’t necessarily king in flexible workspaces. There is a huge convenience to working on laptops in different parts of the office and having continual connectivity without having to plug in a cable, but the reality is that the world of work isn’t fully wireless yet. Before dismissing …

Tech roundup blog #1


Welcome to the first technologywithin tech roundup blog. Here we’ll gather together some interesting and insightful articles from the world of tech. If you’d like to get in touch with us about any of the subjects or to have a chat about tech with one of our experts, contact us here. Using IoT tech is crucial for office planning and …

technology strategy

Creating a future proof technology strategy


It’s now been eight years since we were promised hover boards, power lacing trainers and the release of Jaws 19. This is of course according to the timelines from Back to the Future and while we could debate the many topics around time travel and Marty McFly we’ll instead use this blog to talk about looking to the future when …

FlexSA conference

Five things we learnt at the FlexSA conference 2023


The Flexible Space Association (FlexSA) Annual Conference and Exhibition 2023: Flexible Workspace in The Spotlight: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities took place in London on May 23rd.  The panels delivered some valuable themes and takeaways, pointing to a strong future for the sector. Here are the ideas that stood out for us. 1. Establishing flex as a new asset class is …

Coworking spaces are the beating heart of local economies


To celebrate #EuropeanCoWorking Day on 10th May 2023, we hosted a London Coworking Assembly Breakfast at LentaSpace at Coppergate House in Spitalfields to explore ‘Why are coworking spaces the beating heart of your local economy?’. The panel of experts – Karen West-Whylie (CEO of Barking Enterprise Centre – BEC), Vibushan Thirukumar (Co-Founder of Oru Space) and Dale Thomson (Consultant at …

technologywithin announce expansion into mainland Europe


technologywithin, the flexible workspace technology specialist, announce expansion into mainland Europe. The incorporation of technologywithin BV in The Netherlands and new clients on the continent demonstrates a step forward in the businesses’ growth and development plans. “Next stop, Europe. There has been a shift of gear in the flexible workspace sector, formerly the domain of SME’s, larger global corporations are …

flexible workspace

Space race: The pitfalls of jumping into operating flexible workspace


Flexible workspace is a hot topic, and understandably so: it allows landlords to tap into growing demand for shorter leases and generally carries a higher desk rate than traditional leases. It also allows landlords to spread the risk – losing a single tenant from a multi-let flex space is easier to swallow than losing a tenant on a traditional lease. …

Getting the tech right

Starting a new flexible workspace – Getting the tech right first time


In their ‘Future of Flex’ report from late 2022, the Instant Group showed that by 2025, 36% of commercial real estate landlords plan to offer their own flexible workspace. Alongside this, the report showed that 17% of landlords are looking to lease their space to an office provider and half of all landlords surveyed expect that between 16% and 25% …