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twiindata landlord is the perfect solution for providing managed internet connectivity for your tenants.
As an office space owner, we understand that you don’t want to run a flexible workspace brand, but you do want to maximise returns on your office space.  To do that you need to provide the most important thing to your tenants – a great internet connection.
Partner with technologywithin and our market leading technology and benefit from our expertise in managing connectivity. We offer landlords like you, a hassle-free solution to providing your tenants with high-performance connectivity.
Our existing clients tell us that what they value the most about twiindata landlord is that everything is taken care of for them to ensure that their tenants receive a fast and secure internet connection:

6 reasons why you need twiindata landlord

We manage the fibre connection to the building; we deal with the providers and make sure everything runs smoothly.

We provide all the necessary equipment in the building to provide, monitor and manage reliable internet connectivity. You won’t need to get technical or plug anything in, we’ll handle it for you.

We ensure that your tenants are connected to the service immediately after they move in, so that there’s no interruption to their business or yours.

We divide the fibre connection into dedicated bandwidth for each client, so everyone gets the speeds they need.

We provide excellent customer service to address any performance queries, no need for you to field any technical questions, our team have got it covered.

How does it work?

twiindata landlord provides a resilient, reliable internet connection through installation of dual fibre circuits into your building. This ensures that your clients can move in and get straight online, ensuring no delays in contract start dates. The simple client interface allows your team to easily set up those new clients and our monitoring software ensures that the service is remotely monitored and managed to ensure high service levels and satisfied tenants.
Alongside peace of mind for landlords and building managers, twiindata landlord’s attractive commercial model is compelling. The landlord is billed for the fibre connection and then technologywithin bill the building’s tenants for the internet services directly, returning any excess above the fibre cost to the landlord. Saving time and generating an additional revenue stream.

Great Portland Estates plc

Great Portland Estates plc are a FTSE 250 property investment and development company who own and manage a 2.6 million sq ft London commercial, residential and retail property portfolio. They are experts in adding value to their buildings for both themselves and their occupiers, which is why providing superfast broadband fibre connectivity is part of their office space proposition.
great portland estates plc
“Great Portland Estates plc chose to partner with technologywithin when refurbishing their vibrant Elm Yard offices in London’s Clerkenwell. By asking us to provide dual fibre circuits to their building, they have created a resilient internet connection which is ready to go as soon as occupiers move in, ensuring no delays in contract start dates. The twiindata landlord system's remote monitoring and management ensures high service levels and satisfied occupiers, alongside a compelling commercial model. ”
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Commercial options to suit your portfolio

step 1 - pay for fibre connection

If your building is new, or unoccupied

We understand that committing to a long-term internet provision contract for a newly launched or refurbished building isn’t attractive, so we can offer shorter terms and share the risk with you. This is the perfect solution to help you attract new occupiers with services ready and waiting for when they move in without the risk of a long-term contract.
step 2 - we bill and receive payment from tenants

If your building has established tenants

If your building already has established occupiers, twiindata landlord’s longer-term attractive commercial model will be compelling, giving you the opportunity to receive the excess billed to your tenants above the fibre cost. generating an additional revenue stream.

twiindata landlord benefits:

Convert your void space into flexspace in one easy step

Fully managed fibre and service installation

Dedicated customer support

Billing your tenants direct, saving you time

Any revenue net gains passed back to you automatically

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