Huckletree – twiindata & NEXUDUS

Huckletree is a workspace for brands doing brave work in the innovation sector. The company has six coworking hubs across the UK and Ireland, with new spaces opening in both London and Manchester in 2023.

A unique ethos

Huckletree has carved a unique pathway within the workspace sector by building curated communities of the most impactful brands, talent and investors. Hubs are sector-specific, creating ecosystems centred on everything from FoodTech to web3 and digital lifestyle. Huckletree provides the space for brands to do brave work and exceptional member experience is central to its offering, with smart technology a key enabler

The client needs

Huckletree are always looking at ways to streamline their customer experience and offer members customised solutions.  The customer experience for onboarding and managing internet and WiFi was an area where they felt improvements could be made.

They were already using the Nexudus workspace management platform to manage their style of spaces, which was doing a great job of enabling the team to execute the broad range of tasks required to efficiently manage a Huckletree workspace.

Whilst it lacks internet and WiFi management capability, Nexudus take a very collaborative approach to integrating with partner services to add functionality, automate processes and help clients grow their businesses.  “Here at Nexudus we always aim to keep our platform as flexible and agile for our users as possible,” shared Carlos Almansa, Nexudus Co-Founder. “It’s important to us that our customers can make the most of the platform by connecting to the services that they love, and our API-first design approach facilitates integrating easily with other great platforms like twiindata.”

The integrated solution

By integrating technologywithin’s data bandwidth management product, twiindata, beneath the Nexudus platform, Huckletree could enable the onsite teams to manage internet connectivity and workspace management activities quickly and easily through a single interface and offer an improved member experience.

twiindata is unique in the flexspace market” explains Martin Whitaker, technologywithin’s Development Director.  “Due to its ability to allow front of house teams to easily manage internet performance and connectivity, whilst maintaining the security needed in shared workspace.  Our open-minded approach to integration means clients aren’t locked into a single software eco-system and instead can get solutions that suit their chosen business model.”

With the integration in place, Huckletree teams can now:

Set up new team members seamlessly – When a new starter is created in Nexudus, they are automatically added to their company’s dedicated WiFi network and sent their personal username and password.

Upsell dedicated bandwidth – Upsell and assign dedicated bandwidth products to members directly from Nexudus. Upgrades to internet bandwidth happen in real time, with no manual intervention. This creates a quick and easy additional revenue stream.

Assign internet access to offices instantly– Secure WiFi for offices is assigned to a member within Nexudus during onboarding.  The office network ports are then automatically activated and assigned to their network.

Maintain secure WiFi access – Simple to remove members WiFi access in Nexudus, maintaining security.

Set up day pass members with ease – Giving them instant access to secure, high-performance WiFi.

A great all-around solution

The solution is now rolling out across several sites, starting with Huckletree’s prestigious Westminster building, at No.1 Horse Guards Avenue.

Huckletree’s VP of engineering Zoran Lorkovic believes that “Integrating twiindata with the Nexudus platform, has created the best possible user experience for our clients, by allowing secure WiFi login and instant bandwidth upgrades.  We didn’t previously upsell bandwidth, so we are now better equipped to meet customer needs, whilst both creating a new revenue stream and saving on operational costs, so it’s a win-win.”

Find out more about Huckletree here.

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