Work.Life – twiindata & NEXUDUS

Work.Life are a growing flex service provider with spaces in London, Reading and Manchester.  Their ethos is to create superbly designed, smart and sustainable workspaces that boost productivity and build happier, more engaged teams.

Delivering this vision requires an agile technology infrastructure that will grow with them, so they approached flexible workspace IT specialists Office Ready Technology to review their set up for three new London sites in Farringdon, Old St. and Liverpool St.

Steffan Whitely, Business Development Director at Office Ready Technology, led the project, “When we began reviewing the existing infrastructure, it became clear that alongside creating a resilient solution to support Work.Life’s growth plans, everything had to be simple for the front of house staff, to make sure that they could provide the best possible service to clients with ease.”

One area where the review identified potential for improvement was the provision of internet connectivity for private office clients and Work.Life’s various member offerings, including hot desking day passes. Existing processes required manual workarounds and form filling, which were time consuming for the team and created delays for end clients. were already using the Nexudus workspace management platform to manage their spaces, which was doing a great job of enabling the team to manage the broad range of tasks required to efficiently manage workspace, from lead management to invoicing. Whilst it lacks internet and WiFi management capability, Nexudus take a very collaborative approach to integrating with partner services to add functionality, automate processes and help clients grow their businesses.

“Here at Nexudus we always aim to keep our platform as flexible and agile for our users as possible,” shared Carlos Almansa, Nexudus Co-Founder. “It’s important to us that our customers can make the most of the platform by connecting to the services that they love, and our API-first design approach facilitates integrating easily with other platforms.”

So, Steffan suggested bringing in technologywithin, flexspace internet connectivity specialists and already a partner they’d successfully deployed services with.  He believed that their data bandwidth product, twiindata, could provide the answers. By developing an integration between the two products, the twiindata functionality could sit beneath it and enable the onsite teams to manage internet connectivity through Nexudus.

Martin Whitaker, technologywithin’s Development Director feels strongly that,” twiindata is unique in the flexspace market due to its ability to allow front of house teams to easily manage internet performance and connectivity, whilst maintaining the security needed in shared workspace.  Our open-minded approach to integrating with other workspace management providers means clients aren’t locked into a single software eco-system and instead get solutions that suit their chosen deployment.”

With the integration in place, Work.Life teams can now:

Set up Members & VLANs seamlessly – When a new member is created in Nexudus, they are automatically created on the twiindata radius authentication servers. Furthermore, when a member is part of a team, a dedicated VLAN for their company is automatically created in twiindata.

Assign Network Ports instantly– When an office is assigned to a member in Nexudus, the network ports in that office are automatically activated and assigned to their VLAN.

Upsell Dedicated Bandwidth – The staff can upsell and assign dedicated bandwidth products to members directly from Nexudus. This creates a quick and easy additional revenue stream.

Offboard easily – When someone is no longer an active member in Nexudus they are automatically removed from the IT systems and access to the network is denied, maintaining security.

“We’ve achieved what we were aiming for – to keep everything as simple as possible for the onsite teams. They only need to use one system to do everything.” Says Steffan, “And what we’ve ultimately created is the best solution for the client.  We’re really excited about the potential of this offering as it pairs great workspace management software with the best bandwidth product on the market.”

And for Work.Life? Operations Director Paul Dutnall believes that “By taking a strategic approach to technology and staying focussed on creating a great overall client experience we now have a future-proof workspace management and internet connectivity solution that will grow with us and support our onsite teams to offer the seamless customer service our brand is known for.”

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