mojovoicetake control of your office communications

mojo voice flexible workspace software portal
mojovoice is a powerful piece of software, designed to make the process of managing flexible workspace communications a lot simpler.

mojovoice’s simple user interface and flexibility allows you and your clients to manage their communications requirements with ease.

mojovoice for clients

If you’re a business centre, co-working space or other flexible workspace provider, your clients can use mojovoice to allow them to manage their communications whether they are in or out of the office. A range of features allow users to set their office comms to their needs, all with just a few clicks from a highly intuitive control panel.

mojovoice for operators

For flexible workspace operators and workspace managers, mojovoice gives you all the usability that your clients benefit from, along with a range of extra features. These management tools enable you to get a clear overview of the communications for your workspace.

technologywithin data servicesmojomemobile

With mojomemobile - you can now turn your mobile phone into your office phone at the touch of a button. mojomemobile allows you to take and make work calls wherever you are. Ideal for remote or home-office based working, mojomemobile puts your office call plan in your pocket, enabling UK landline calls to be made and received from your mobile.

Alongside this you also get all the benefits of the mojovoice management interface meaning you’ll always be in control of your comms.

technologywithin - MojoMe Mobile | Mojo Flexible workspace software portal
We know it’s important for our clients to stay competitive in the market and so we ensure that our pricing is competitive. Our sales team will sit with you and run through all the options available (buying, renting, or a combination of the two) so that you find a solution that suits your business model.
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technologywithin data servicesmojovoice features

  • Mojome mobile – one number to reach you wherever you are

  • UK landline calls on your mobile.
    All calls via mojomemobile are made using your office call plan

  • Maintain customer continuity – if a colleague leaves assign their number to another team member to ensure no break in client contact

  • Support available when you need it from our friendly team

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