Our environmental story

Living our brand values as a responsible organisation
As a tech company we are by nature innovative and so we believe that we should be leading the way in reducing our carbon footprint, using our creativity and design thinking to set a great example for the sector and support our clients.
We are focused on creating goals and activities to address each of the ways that our business impacts the environment.

We believe that setting clear goals is the best way to hold ourselves to account, so we are aiming at and investing in being carbon neutral by 2025, before the government's target of 2030.

Reducing the carbon footprint of our estate

The pace of change in our industry can make equipment obsolete very quickly, increasing waste. So, we are working to reduce the carbon footprint of our company offices and vehicles.

Solar panels installed at our head office 2021. Energy generated 2022 year to date is 16.3MWh, saving 4,484.1kg of CO2, equivalent to planting 205 trees.

Head office carbon neutral - all energy sourced from green suppliers and solar panels ensure that we produce more energy than we use over 12 months.

Swapping energy supplier to 100% renewable

Upgrading Head office to LED, motion sensor lighting

HVAC and instant hot water installed in Head Office, reducing need for gas to heat water

Taking part in the “the green commute initiative”, offering our team members the opportunity to buy bikes and cycle to work

Removing all reliability on fossil fuels from our Head Office

Introducing a focus on local recruitment and flexible working policies to reduce commutes

Company vehicles meet Euro 6 rating for the cleanest fossil fuel vans

Recycling bins installed in our offices

Switch our company vans to electric vehicles

Reviewing options to install batteries at Head Office to store energy generated by our solar panels

Install electric vehicle charging points at our head office
Review branded company clothing suppliers

    Reducing waste in product provision

    Recycling 100% usable technical kit (laptops, switches, phones) through charity partner

    We design our services to be device-agnostic so that new clients can retain existing equipment, reducing waste

    Annual review of our suppliers’ sustainability policies
    Introducing carbon tracking for equipment disposal

      Supporting our clients to achieve their environmental goals

      Providing equipment power usage information in quotes provided to customers.