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In 2022, most people who work in an office environment have probably had at least one experience with using flexible or shared workspaces. But how many people know exactly what goes into running a successful workspace and how one comes about in the first place? In this blog we speak to Mari-Elena, from the twiinworkspace team.

Developed for the flexspace sector, twiinworkspace is the ultimate workspace management platform from technologywithin. It is designed to help operators or those who run workspaces for public or company use, to manage a successful flexible workspace. Key to this is enabling information to be accessed in moments, whether it be sales leads, outstanding client bills or preparing and sending out tenant agreements.

Mari-Elena shares, “Our clients want the most efficient and responsive technology to manage their spaces – and that’s what we provide via twiinworkspace. Hybrid working is here to stay, but our clients need to accommodate it as part of running their office.”

Flexible workspace management that benefits all.

“While many companies are not delighted at the prospect of staff working remotely, many staff also miss aspects of working together in shared spaces or offices. This makes balanced flexible working options a real priority for both employers and employees. The pandemic normalised the flexi working culture, and it is definitely here to stay. We were able to provide technology to support a much needed middle-ground and as we leave the pandemic behind, moving to the future of permanent hybrid working, we are taking the things learned and perfected over that time and building on them to create a real customer-focused offering,” explains Mari-Elena.

Customer focus

Customer focus is one of twiinworkspace’s core principles and certainly one of the things that Mari-Elena feels gives technologywithin the edge over many of its larger competitors who offer similar products. “We combine approachability with the agility of a business our size, allowing us to respond in a way that feels useful to the client, then and there when it’s needed, rather than having to wait until the need is no longer relevant or has been superseded by other offerings. We’re great listeners at technologywithin and in our industry the customers can be ‘quite vocal’ about their likes, dislikes and needs, and we are committed to listening and implementing changes wherever possible.”

Technology that’s flexible and responsive.

Technology has been a crucial component throughout the pandemic in helping to keep people connected both personally and professionally. The speed with which the workspace sector is growing is matched only by the development of technology itself. Our clients tend to know and use their tech personally so it’s natural that they expect the same level in their working lives. To this end, twiinworkspace aims to integrate even more technology into our programmes within workspaces in the coming months.

Priorities for our twiinworkspace customers are responsiveness and flexibility, which we provide alongside our reliable, robust product. 

“One of the things we can share,” intimates Mari-Elena, “is that we are currently developing a subscription service. Subscriptions are something we all increasingly engage with, allowing us to pick and choose what we need, when we need it. Giving our clients subscription options offers them a familiar model which is easy to manage, allowing them to grow and catering for their needs without holding them back or creating too many hurdles. The flexibility and ease of being able to book things like a meeting room or a hotdesk from the comfort of their phone, knowing that the billing is sorted, is just one more way we are delivering something that lets our clients get on with the business at hand.”

Also in the pipeline is new software enabling twiinworkspace to streamline the day-to-day management of shared workspaces. This new package will allow clients and customers the chance to view live availability, including room plans and costs, all in a few clicks of a button before booking a desk or meeting room.

“When costs are the bottom line, this will undoubtedly be a real and welcome addition to our client offering,” Mari-Elena confirms, “all this is building to twiinworkspace’s long term goal of integrating the software on offer for all clients and customers, providing accessible and innovative technology use across all workspaces and projects.”

At technologywithin we are constantly assessing sector trends and this stands true with respect to twiinworkspace, undoubtedly representing the future of flexi-workspaces. Our aim is to ensure we are providing a responsive and customer-led product that’s also industry-leading.

“We have the technology today to do so much, to see the visual management of space, for users to look at floorplans and offices in a really fun and creative way, which is very exciting!” Mari-Elena adds.

If you’d like to learn more about what twiinworkspace and technologywithin’s work entails, including any past or ongoing projects, please get in touch with the team here.


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