Hardware warranty policy

At technologywithin we like to keep things clear and simple for our customers to understand. That’s why we’ve put together this document to explain our policy regarding equipment warranty.
We offer unlimited lifetime warranty on the main twiindata equipment (Mikrotik routers). If these develop a fault and a customer is in contract with us, we will send an engineer with replacement equipment without any additional charges. We often deploy two routers as standard for greater resilience, in this case our support team will use the backup equipment to restore connectivity to the system first, then arrange the swap out of the faulty equipment at a convenient date with the customer.
Our switches are supplied as standard to customers with a three-year warranty from purchase. If a switch is found to be faulty within the warranty period then technologywithin will either arrange delivery of an advance replacement switch for the customer to swap out themselves (with our remote support assisting) or we can send an engineer to site with the advance replacement.
The engineer visit, if chosen, would be chargeable, but there is no charge for the advance replacement equipment.
Please note that the advance replacement switch may not be brand new, it could be a refurbished item (fully tested and configured by technologywithin), but it will provide equivalent functionality. Should the customer wish, the original switch, once repaired or replaced, can be substituted back in later and the advance replacement reclaimed by technologywithin, but the customer would be charged additional courier or engineer costs for this.
Once a switch has been swapped out, technologywithin will continue to honour the original warranty period of three years for the replacement equipment (the warranty period does not reset at the point of replacement).
If a switch develops a problem outside of its three-year warranty period, then any replacements would be chargeable. However, some manufacturers do offer an extended “back to base” warranty over and above three years. If this is the case for the faulty switch, technologywithin will honour this warranty additionally, but there would be further charges for any advance replacement and either the engineer visit or any courier charges involved. Back to base warranties can take a long time for manufacturers to turn around replacements.
Other equipment (for example VOIP handsets, wireless access points)
Any other equipment supplied by technologywithin will carry a one-year warranty from purchase. In the event of a failure, this would need to be returned to technologywithin for inspection and a replacement would be issued free of charge if the item is covered by the warranty.
If an engineer site visit is requested by the customer to swap out the equipment, this would be chargeable, but in this case, the engineer would be sent to site with advance replacement equipment if available.
Extended warranties
technologywithin may at times offer extended warranty periods for equipment, either at point of purchase of equipment or as a separate purchase. Under these circumstances the extended warranty period supersedes the timings given in this document but the conditions for advance replacement, engineer visit, etc will remain the same under the extended period as they would for the normal warranty period.
All warranties are serviced in line with our standard SLA agreements found here: technologywithin.com/sla