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    What benefits can IT-enabling your commercial property bring?

    technologywithin can help you increase the revenue potential of your commercial property simply by providing managed WiFi and superfast fibre internet connectivity into your portfolio. 

    Have a chat with our team to find out how we can help take the stress away and enable the technologywithin your buildings.

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    Benefits include:

    Higher ERV’s
    Dedicated client facing support
    Greater revenue up-sell opportunities
    Increased lease tenures
    Enhanced marketability
    of your building
    Improved flexibility of the building usage
    Quicker move in times

    technologywithin can help you achieve these goals simply by providing managed Wi-Fi and superfast fibre internet connectivity into your commercial property portfolio.

    We can even help you develop and design your building offering and train your agents to understand how best to position and sell the added benefits. We’ll talk to your clients on your behalf as they prepare to move in and help determine their exact needs. 

    We have a dedicated customer team to help support you and your tenants with all the techie bits and bobs; questions and answers required to help you and them move in quicker, with the least amount of hassle – essentially, we take care of the technologywithin so you don’t have to.

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